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Check out our long list of services! Please call for pricing.

Walk-In Nail Trimming

No appointment necessary for a quick nail trim, but calling ahead is always recommended.

Full Grooming

Service includes:

Bath & Tidy

Service includes:

NEW - Skin & Hair Treatment

NAGAYU Carbonated Spa Tablet

Made in Japan, the spa tablet contains carbon dioxide, hydrogen and bicarbonate. It is widely used for treating humans as well as pets. The bicarbonate ions absorb through the skin and cause the body to synthesize and release nitric oxide into the inner lining of the blood vessel. This process increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption, and helps maintain pH levels in the blood and skin.

NEW - Dental Treatment

Teeth are brushed with veterinarian recommeded toothpaste. Regular tooth brushing prevents bad breath & periodontal disease. Starting at $10 per brushing.

Anal Glands

Internal expression only if necessary.

Puppy Program

For puppies 12 weeks and older. Program includes:

Report Cards

Every pet receives a complete report card, detailing problem areas and recommendations for improvement. Education on your pet's well-being is part of our service to you - we want your pet to have a great experience every time they visit!

Shed-less Program

For those dogs that shed year-round, we use industry-special tools to reduce shedding. Call for details!

Matted Cats

We work with matted cats in cooperation with the vet clinic next door. Mats are extremely painful to remove, and sedation is strongly recommended. Call for details and to discuss different options.

Retail Products

We sell a selection of brushes, combs and rakes. We also carry shampoos and conditioners in small quantities. Our products are highly concentrated, so you don't need a lot!